Jewel in the Oasis of Inspiration

Sofanya's Gallery & Studios at "The Jewel in the Forest"

Peruse Sofanya’s Paintings & Redwood carvings in a most Magical location!

Website for Sofanya's Art

Art of Sofanya on Facebook

Art & Interview video made by Olga Perry

I am blessed to have my Gallery & Studios here on the "Jewel in the Forest" property where I often welcome visitors from all over the world.

Please feel free to call or email for an appointment to view the gallery or have your 

"Essence Portrait" created.

Please see website for more information on Sofanya's art including Essence Portraits  

The gallery also many original paintings as well as quality reproductions of Sofanya's paintings.  

Wood carvings to view as well!


Sofanya White

Jewel In the Forest

Essence Portraits by Sofanya

Weddings With Sofanya