Jewel in the Oasis of Inspiration

"Weddings with Sofanya"

Together we can create your unique and memorable Marriage Ceremony.

I am an artist, mother, grandmother, godmother and proprietor of a magical property between Big Sur & Carmel.  It has been a blessing to live and work here in this magical redwood forest for over 20 yrs, holding  beautiful wedding ceremonies as well as art & creativity workshops, & community gatherings. 

I have been officiating weddings for over ten years with loving couples from all over the world who come to this stunning area to marry.

It is a joy to meet and get to know each  couple and to assist in creating a marriage ceremony aligned with who they are and their vision for a meaningful and memorable wedding.  I focus on spiritual and conscIous living,  our connection to nature,  love and trust, and the importance of respect & communication.

Initially I'll send a simple questionnaire to assist you in clarifying your vision and help me to create your ceremony.  When ready we can go over an outline and make adjustments as needed.  I look forward to chatting with you and creating your very loving and special ceremony!

The bride said very clearly that it was her wish one of my cats would join in the ceremony as she so missed her kitties....sure enough "Oz", one of the 5 wizards attended and in fact participated throughout the entire ceremony!

Mayor Bruce & Natalie Delgado....two of the most loving kind people I've met....and always serving the community!

Two of my favorite human beings on the planet!  Linda & Chris...
I was honored to officiate for them!