Jewel in the Oasis of Inspiration


I was magnetized to Big Sur one day....and never left!

I remember the day I was drawn was as if everyone I encountered had a message for me. Since the moment I got here I've felt it to be my true home. I used to drive through Big Sur on my way to LA on art business and this time  I visited a shop that was carrying my art at the time and the clerk in there said 'Sofanya you should check this place's perfect for you!'  I called to make an appointment to see the house the following morning.  The moment I turned onto this meandering forest road to my house I recognized it as the place I belonged on the planet. When I entered the driveway my gaze was filled with a beautiful large young woman with long golden hair nursing her baby who was proportionally as large and gorgeous as was like a bigger than life vision of nurturing and love.  She showed me upstairs to the dome house.  When I entered I had a strong sense that I made it home!  I rented for a year and a half knowing that someday I must buy this property so that I would never have to leave.  Miracles took place so that I could manifest that dream and here I am almost 17 yrs later. 
During these years I along with essential dear friends created a theatre in the round in the lower dome level where we held variety shows, art exhibits, concerts, workshops, community gatherings. I still hold occasional gatherings to celebrate nature's seasons as well as art workshops and weddings.  I also officiate weddings and so enjoy this blessing as well.  I also offer the property for wonderful healing retreats and workshops.  

I love to welcome guests to visit my gallery located In the lower dome or my studio next door. 
Occasionally I'll have "Open Studios" open to the public as well. 
The first few months living here in this divine beauty....I wept each day from ecstatic gratitude and a kind of surreal state of being.  After a while I realized I needed to get back to my art but didn't know where to begin as I had changed with the huge recognition that I, that we all are truly one with this beauty...that in fact "WE ARE NATURE" and not separate from it.  I prayed for a way to show that we are all connected and one with life itself.  A couple of weeks later I awakened in the night with a gorgeous vision of color patterns with faces and all kinds of imagery in those patterns.  I knew then how to proceed with my work as I began to explore my work which I named "Essence Portraits".  Since then I have discovered endless layers of depth and revelations as I have created thousands of portraits.  If you are interested in having one made please let me know and we can set up a time.  Check out my website and click on "Essence Portraits" or check it out on Facebook...."Essence Portraits with Sofanya".

After living here for a few years I found out that long before the dome was built the property was called 'Hoffman's Camp' owned by Carabel & Lou Hoffman.  They used to have Sunday dinners for the guests cooked by Carabel...people loved staying here and couldn't wait to come back.  I have photos from that era and now I once again bring to life the long history of welcoming new friends to this beautiful magical place on earth.

Wedding Officiant
Mother & Grand Mother