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Property History.....Hoffman's Camp....1920's-1950's

Property History

After living here for a few years I found out that long before the dome was built the property was called 'Hoffman's Resort' owned by Carabel & Lou Hoffman.  They used to have Sunday dinners for the guests cooked by Carabel...people loved staying here and couldn't wait to come back as evidenced by the guest books they signed!  Grandma Carabel also wrote some beautiful poetry that I so love.  I have photos of the cabins and huge trees from that era.   I am honored to once again bring to life the long history of welcoming new friends to this beautiful magical place on earth.

I think that most of the following photos were taken between the 20's and mid 1940's

Carabel Hoffman

Lou Hoffman

Road to Hoffman's Camp


Road to Hoffman's Camp

Dining Hall

Cook house, storage shed & cabin

Cook House & Rec hall

Carabel & Francis


Lou & Ernie

A Poem written by Carabel Hoffman in the mid 40s and published in the San Jose newspaper


  By Carabel Hoffman

San Jose Newpaper 1945, California

(Submitted by Aletha L. Dunham,

Chemeketa Park)

The Master Maker had labored for days

With careful, painstaking hands:

He had fashioned a World of wonderful things-

The trees, the flowers, and the sands.

It lay before Him, a wonderful sight-

Yet lifeless it looked just then.

“I must fashion now a more perfect thing

And call it “The Mother of Men”.

So He chose for the form the gracefulness 

Of the lily, pure and true:

Two stars for the eyes,  He took from the skies-

For the color, the sky’s deep blue.

The pearls from the sea for the deep, sweet soul-

Rose petals for lips so sweet,

Dancing gladness of sunshine bright

For the beautiful hands and feet.

From the very finest of all He had made

He chose the best for this other;

Then awakened the form with His wonderful Love

And gave to the world-A Mother.